Welcome to Andrews Manpower Consulting, Inc.

One of the Most Trusted Manpower Agency in the Philippines

We Deploy Quality Filipino Workers in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Oman Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Brunei Africa, Libya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea North, South America USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Our firm was founded by group of professionals with over 20 years of collective ex- perience in the field of interna- tional recruitment gained from prominent and world re- nowned recruitment firms.

The Middle East & Asia has been a major employer of Filipino workers for several decades now and Andrews Manpower Consulting Inc. (AMCI), one of the most reputable agencies in the Philippines as it touts a team of professionals success- fully recruiting and placing workers on the above interna- tional destinations.

With Andrews Consulting, you get more than a solution to your manpower needs. You receive a package of services catered to your specific needs that are ready to fulfill the demands of especially the most discriminating clients.

Andrews Consulting leverages the experience and intellectual capital of its team members to provide its clients with effective solutions to their human resource requirements.


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