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FAQ for Nurses who want to work in UK

1. Currently I'm abroad. How can I enroll for online review?

2. What type of IELTS should I take?

3. Can I take NMC CBT exam if I only have IELTS Academic and not UKVI IELTS Academic?

As long as your IELTS meets the necessary score (reference provided in link) guidelines state that you may take the NMC CBT exam. However UK Visas and Immigration will require a score from UKVI IELTS Academic test for the visa application process. It would be unfortunate to go to the trouble of passing the IELTS test but for your visa application to be delayed or rejected Thus we encourage you taking UKVI IELTS Academic before taking the NMC CBT to not incur unnecessary costs in the unlikely event of a failure in the UKVI IELTS Academic test.

4. I would just like to ask how long is the validity of the offer that we received from the Trust? Is there a time frame for us to complete the requirements? Will the offer be still applicable to us even though we did not pass the IELTS during the first take?

5. I just passed the interview for a Trust last week and I would like to ask if the time allowance for me to take the exam is strictly up to 3 months only? I am still employed and I am afraid that I would not be able to maximize the time given time for review while I work. I am just asking if the 3 months may be extended in worst cases like I fail the exam?

6. I would just like to ask how many years will be our tenure in Medway/BEH because it's only stated that the contract basis is permanent and not how many years will we work there as a staff.

7. Also, regarding the review training £100 GBPs will be allotted to us. When we can avail it? After we pass the IELTS? We will just show you the receipt of our payment?

8. I am planning to change my IDs and other applicable credentials into my married name. I was married since 2013 but I did not have the chance to fix this matter because I am working overseas and I do not want to have any discrepancies in my papers before my final exit in KSA.

9. Regarding the NMC. I am required to pass it before departure?

10. May i know how many months for the documents to be processed?

11. With regard to the refund for review fees, what if I already enrolled in other review center besides niners, would be my payment still refunded?

12. I am awaiting for the results of my IELTS exam, once available and hopefully I have passed, do I inform you and register for CBT directly?

13. With regard to the documents, after having them "ribboned", do I go to DHL and send it to the UK embassy--- should there be a note placed or any notification attached on the mail

14. May I know if a group contact is available as mentioned during the orientation . If not can we possibly get the contacts of fellow applicants thru your good office.

15. I would like to ask if i can have your permission to renew my passport since it's already expired.

16. I have taken my Academic IELTS exam a year ago, July 30 to be exact, my band score is 7.5, however my Speaking test has a score of 6.5, should I take another IELTS exam for this application?

17. I am currently working in KSA, I would like to know how many months does it usually take to process and fly to UK, this is so I can also plan my resignation/end of contract in my current job.

18. I just want to ask if there are other requirements I need to prepare aside from IELTS like school credentials and employment certificates.

19. I'd like to ask about the practice requirements on NMC registration, since my experience as a nurse is only 6 months all are community based, will it require me to have 12 months in clinical setting?

20. I just want to ask if we are allowed to resign from our work? I really want to focus on my IELTS review. I cannot balance studying with work as we are understaff in the OR.

21. Is it like the US where we nurses can bring with us our family?

22. Will you accept English language tests that are not on the SELT List?

23. Will you accept all tests from an approved provider?

24. Do I need to physically be in manila to submit the requirements?

25. I'm already enrolled with 9.0 Niner's Monumento, they told me that 9.0 Niners dont process UKVI registration, and we have to process that ourselves, Will I have a problem with that?

26. What if I have taken the regular Academic IELTS already and have scored a 7 in all 4 categories and has a band score of 7? Should I still take the UKVI IELTS Academic?

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