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I just passed the interview for a Trust last week and I would like to ask if the time allowance for me to take the exam is strictly up to 3 months only? I am still employed and I am afraid that I would not be able to maximize the time given time for review while I work. I am just asking if the 3 months may be extended in worst cases like I fail the exam? 


There is no definite timeline, but we suggest this (3 months) amount of time for completion of IELTS review and passing of UKVI IELTS Academic tests so that the candidates have ample time for the other administrative processes which can be a little bureaucratic and may  take another 3-6 months to finish. Our initial deployment target date is late 2017.

Other deployment dates will be set accordingly.

Vacancies, however, are limited so we suggest immediate action on your part.

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