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FAQ for Middle East Nurses

1. Currently I'm abroad. How can I enroll for online review?

2. What type of IELTS should I take?

3. Can I take NMC CBT exam if I only have IELTS Academic and not UKVI IELTS Academic?

As long as your IELTS meets the necessary score (reference provided in link) guidelines state that you may take the NMC CBT exam. However UK Visas and Immigration will require a score from UKVI IELTS Academic test for the visa application process. It would be unfortunate to go to the trouble of passing the IELTS test but for your visa application to be delayed or rejected Thus we encourage you taking UKVI IELTS Academic before taking the NMC CBT to not incur unnecessary costs in the unlikely event of a failure in the UKVI IELTS Academic test.


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